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For thirty-five years I have made my primary living being funny. I have done it live on stage and on the air and trust me, it's NOT easy.

The learning process was painful for me, but good for you as it has shown me how to do things correctly if I did it all over again.

That ship has sailed for me, but YOU are able to take advantage of all my painfully learned secrets and techniques to benefit from my lifetime of needless mistakes!

I have helped THOUSANDS of others be funnier in their lives on stage and off, and if you let me I can do the same for you.
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I have made more mistakes in my chosen field than most any dozen others combined.

That in turn has allowed me to become one of THE top mentors to those seeking to be funny for a living or funnier in their speaking career.

I truly love creating and performing, and I have grown to love being a mentor just as much if not more.

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