The BIGGEST Hurdle New Comics Have to Get Over...

Is Having A SOLID 5 Minutes of Funny Time...

Let's Get You Over This Hurdle!

What major roadblock keeps new performers from having early success in comedy?

Getting on stage and BOMBING - again and again and again - with no clear direction.

Now understand, bombing is a crucial part of the stand-up comedy process.

Even the greats bomb when trying out new material but they have experience in how to make the proper adjustments to eventually get BIG laughs.

It's a complicated skill and difficult craft, and it takes years to become proficient at it.

But when first starting out it can be downright soul crushing to keep hearing silence where you thought the laughs would and should be and there's absolutely NOTHING you can do about it.

Or is there?

You can hire an experienced mentor to walk you through the process and show you the proper steps.

Safaris through the jungle have tour guides to navigate the most treacherous danger zones, and comedy can be an extremely intimidating jungle for those who aren't experienced.

Let me help you avoid these initial setbacks so many others have had - me included - because they didn't have access to a tour guide to show them the most efficient and productive way.

I'm offering a mentoring program that will help you construct a solid five minutes of comedy material so that when you get on stage you will have direction and confidence your material will get laughs.

Now understand, not all jokes work with all audiences and we will discuss that in depth.

But, having a clear direction, solid structure and a long term plan will put you FAR ahead of most anyone that has ever stepped on a comedy stage - even established professionals!

What You Will Get!!

Your First 5 Minute Comedy Set

I will help you to write...


and work on your 5 minute comedy set...

6 Hours of Coaching

You get 12 - 30 minute - 1 on 1 calls with me.

On these calls I will personally help you to write and polish not only your jokes but just as important we will work on your presentation.  

You will also have unlimited email contact with me during this time.  I want to be sure that you are happy and satisfied with this 5 minutes of material.

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You'll Get 6 Hours of Coaching Time Which Will Deliver To You 
5 Minutes of Solid FUNNY Material!

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Here are just a few of the THOUSANDS of stages I have appeared on all over North America since 1985.

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